Friday, November 30, 2007

Welcome to Inspired Crafts

We are blogging!
So mush has happened this year with our products and new markets.
We are introducing new products at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) show in Feb 2008. Look for our booth (retailers and distys). If you don't come by, you will not have "Missed it!" ?? ;>)
Anyone mentioning this blog at the show will receive a free gift form us at CHA.

Cutter Glide is going into new markets in 2008. This year we launched into quilting, sewing and needle work with Cutter Glide. Quilters ROCK!

In 2008 we will have a new packaging option for Cutter Glide that should excite many.

E-Z Tool Cleaner continues to grow. People are sending us info all the time with success stories. One professional crafter cleaned some nasty, 10 year old gooey stuff off a "DOA" guillotine paper cutter. After cleaning and Cutter Glide, it rose from the ashes. Back in service!

Paperglide continues to WOW the embossing folks. We started out with brass templates and now machines are finding highest quality embossing images with Paperglide.

Being an (anal retentive) engineer, I tend to focus on quality and high performance products. This is why we searched the world for highest quality atomizers (misters, sprayers). Our goal with Paperglide was to provide the best fine mist spray with minimum droplets on the paper. WAFTING!! Had to say that.

Anyway, as with any bonding material, such as paints, hairspray and other coating materials, if they are allowed to dry in the tiny hole in the sprayer, clogging can occur. That's why we recommend to keep your caps on when not using Paperglide. Also, a handy trick with water based formulas is to keep a moist cotton ball in the cap. This keeps the moisture high in the cap and prevents dry outs. If you're really worried about it, you can always rinse with water after use. We will replace any clogged sprayers on Paperglide upon request. No questions asked. FREE. This is our commitment to our good customers!!

Cheers to all!

(Alicia will be posting some time, I'm sure)